7 Steps to Start Meditating Right Now


If you've ever tried meditating before, you’ve probably had a similar experience to mine: brain going absolutely haywire

…did I turn off my hair straightener, I need to pick up some dessert plates, Ikea, oooh I'm gonna go to Ikea this weekend, but it's so crowded, maybe I should go during the week, and since I'm an entrepreneur - I can do that! - oh yeah I’m supposed to be meditating ...breath in, breath out... ikea, squirrel, mid century modern, pumpkin spice....damnit Lauren…

The end result of this ‘relaxing’ activity is you feeling completely exhausted and like a complete failure at relaxation. And that is totally not what we want.

Let me solve this for you right now!




Give the ol’ noodle a task!

Meditation is truly that easy. It doesn't require a guru or an app. All you need is 5 minutes, a timer, and a relatively quiet place to sit.




1. Grab your timer and find a spot to sit.

Do not lay down or this will be a nap-time how to. Sit in a chair or on the floor - however is comfy enough to stay in that position for 5 minutes. I usually sit in a chair, lean back and rest my hands on my lap.

2. Set timer for 5 minutes.

(Note that if this feels like an eternity the first few times, try 3 minutes - or 2 minutes - whatever works for YOU)

3. Find something on which you can focus your gaze.

I sit in my office and look at the trees outside of my window because if I look around my house or office, I will see things to do.

4. Take a few deep breaths.

With your eyes open, breath in deeply. After a few breaths, slowly close your eyes.

5. Close your eyes.

And return to normal breathing.

6. Give your mind a task:

Count your breaths (1 in, 2 out, 3 in, 4 out.....up to 10 and then start back at 1). When you find yourself thinking about going to Ikea, start counting again at 1.

7. When the timer goes off…

Turn it off, take a few final deep breaths. You're done!




It’s not about getting an A in Meditation 101.

Your mind will always, always, always wander. There will be noises that distract you. There will be thoughts so random that you will question who you really are. I know the perfectionist in you wants to master meditation from day 1, but meditation is not about getting an A in Meditation 101.

It's about practicing the act of quieting your mind…

…so it can have a few minutes of recovery from your otherwise crazy hectic day/life. It's about caring for yourself and your mental health. It's about clearing out the cobwebs so you can focus on your work.




These days, 10 minutes of meditation FLY by, but I remember at first 3 minutes felt like FOREVER and felt like I wasn't doing anything productive. As with anything, stick with it if you want to see the benefits. Start with mini-meditations of 3 minutes, and when that zips by, up it to 5 minutes, and then 7, and then 10...and so on.