Lauren DeLoach
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brand strategist, graphic & web designer, artist, and Co-Founder of Launch It, Girl

I’m a creative entrepreneur passionate about helping female founders develop their brands and launch their businesses.  

I started Lauren DeLoach Creative, my independent graphic and web design business, from my laptop while traveling the world, making Seoul, South Korea as my home base. I was so inspired by the innovative, entrepreneurial women I met along the way, that I made it my mission to help break down the barriers to entrepreneurship for more women everywhere.

When I’m not designing websites and graphics or dreaming up new business ideas, I’m often DIY’ing home decor projects or planning my next adventure.

I’d love to connect with you!

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To tell my story, we should start at the beginning.


1988: Born into the world as Lauren DeLoach (to most, but ‘LaLa’ to my mom) in Atlanta, Georgia.

1995 – 2006: A lot of art classes and fashion mistakes.

2010 - 2011: First trip out of the country to Costa Rica – caught the travel bug. Studied abroad in Taiwan. Knew that whatever I decided to do in life, I wanted to be able to do it from my laptop.

2012: Graduated from USC with a B.S. in Business, double majoring in marketing and small business entrepreneurship.

2014: Hell bent on running a creative business from anywhere, I sold everything, packed my bags and moved to Seoul, South Korea in pursuit of adventure and a business to call my own. I taught English as a Second Language while building my first design business, Lauren DeLoach Creative, from my laptop while traveling to as many new places as possible.

2016: Returned to the US and embarked on my next adventure of following my beau to Pittsburgh, PA. I continued to build my client base and set bigger and bigger business goals.

2018: I met the copywriting yin to my design yang, Chelsea Glaser of CLG Storytelling. Chelsea and I instantly clicked and realized we shared a vision to create a community centered around empowering women to run fearlessly into entrepreneurship. We merged our processes to create a holistic, streamlined experience for our clients. Safe to say two heads are better than one!

2019: The Lauren DeLoach Creative tagline ‘Launch it, girl!’ became a full-fledged brand of its own – Launch, It Girl. Chelsea and I embarked on a Co-Foundership and focused on developing our services and library of resources to support female founders.

Today: At Launch It Girl, we build and launch custom brands and websites, develop tools and courses for women who want to launch DIY-style, and host workshops that are a girl-bossing good time. Visit Launch It Girl →

Lauren DeLoach Creative still exists, but in another form. Here, you will find my art, my stories, and my work as an individual creative. I also work with clients on retainer for graphic design projects!